COportada tienda 2 - amaia cubo design studioMPRA ROPA DE NIÑA Y ESTAMPADOS


Are you looking for original fashion?

Appaloosa Winter capsule collection is here. A fun and colorful collection. 100% handmade in Spain with organic natural and good quality fabrics.

The garments will be very exclusive: We only manufacture 5 garments of each model.


sea - amaia cubo design studioIs your budget reduced?

I know perfectly what it means to start with not too much, that is why I have devised these products thinking of those small craft and / or family businesses without renouncing quality design.


sea backpack - amaia cubo design studioWould you like to buy special products?

My shop of the Market Place Society6 has more than 100 products.

You can find everything: home clothes, bags, shirts, mugs, iphones cases…

You get to support independent artists at a reasonable price. What you take? An original and different article. Treat yourself!

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